Mosquito Nets

Insect and mosquito nets

The mosquito net Slim Plissè, only 17mm thick, is the ideal solution on grated doors, windows or small entrance doors, i.e., for door or window frames on which the installation of a traditional, retractable mosquito net is not possible.

The insect screen/net is installed between the grate and the door or window frame but the installation can sometimes be difficult, if there is not enough space between the window panel or the venetian blinds and the window frame. In this case, Slim plissé is the perfect solution.

R&R provides a wide range of insect screens and mosquito nets, so that our products fit any type of door and window. Thanks to our long professional experience, we have successfully installed many products and we can count on an excellent knowledge of the product and of the customers’ needs.

Insect screens and mosquito nets, available on both opening and steady frames

Side, one or two panelled net
Sliding or one-panelled net

Enjoy a peaceful summer and relaxing, silent nights. Ever since, R&R has provided new generation insect screens and mosquito nets in the province of Verona and in the Lake Garda area.