Security Doors

  • Rossi & Rossi Serramenti
  • Rossi & Rossi Serramenti
  • Rossi & Rossi Serramenti

Our security doors, R&R, for Verona and the Lake Garda area, are produced by the company Blindato EFFEPI. Effepi offers first class security doors and guarantees the highest quality and reliability in this field.

R&R guarantees the installation of beautiful and efficient security doors in Verona and in the Lake Garda area, relying on a team of skilled professionals and technicians who will advise you on your choice.

Security doors

Two-panel security doors

2 blind panels
Blind, main panel + second, glass panel
Glass main panel + second, blind panel

Two glass panels
2 blind panels with upper light window
Blind main panel + glass panel with upper light window
Glass main panel + blind panel with upper light window
Two glass panels with upper light window.
Arched panels security doors
1 blind, arched panel
2 blind, arched panels

Cylinder locks or double bit locks

Automatic, motorized locks

Wood-, solid wood-, aluminium-, smooth or pantographed panelling.