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The best door and window frames available on the market in Verona and in the Lake Garda area

Since decades, in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona, not far from Lake Garda, our company distributes PVC door and window frames. We advise our customers through each phase of the work: from the house-inspection to the cost-estimate and, at the end, by customizing the project and installing the product.

Through many years experience in selling and installing PVC doors and windows, R&R has provided many wonderful houses with products that fit every style.

Advising the customers on the choice of the right door or window frame is the first step of every project. We take care of the whole installation process as well and offer after-sale service, in order to make sure that we guarantee our customers the best efficiency and elegance of the chosen goods.

Door and window frames

PVC panelled door and window frames

Wood or smooth effect

70 mm with 2 washers
70 mm with 3 washers
80 mm with 3 washers and 3 glass-panels

Door and window frames with openings
One-, two-, three-, four- tilt and turn openings, arched panel also available
Two-, three panels sliding opening
Frames for main entrances with security locks
One-panel door or arched panel
1 blind panel with upper and side light window
1 glass panel with upper and side light window
2 normal panels or arched panels
Blind main panel + glass panel
Glass main panel + blind panel
Blind or glass panels with or without upper light window.
Roller shutters